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What We Do

Calidris provides a range of ecological and biological services. Major services are described below, however, if you have unique requirements, please give us a call to discuss your project. We operate within a strong network of environmental and engineering professionals and we can build a team to meet your requirements.

Environmental Assessment and Permitting 

Calidris can prepare and advise on environmental permitting at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. We can conduct the necessary assessments for permits under the BC Water Sustainability Act, the BC Wildlife Act, the Federal Fisheries Act, Riparian Areas Regulation, and fulfill the environmental requirements of most municipal development permits. 

Third Party Review

Calidris provides comprehensive and objective third party review. Although Calidris is a small outfit, Kim Poupard has extensive experience with large complex Environmental Assessments and can provide in-depth technical review of the biological components of these assessments.  Calidris also provides environmental compliance and effects monitoring.


We can provide a range of wildlife services including species specific management plans, species at risk surveys, habitat assessments, breeding bird point counts, pre-clearing nesting bird surveys, and more. We can conduct comprehensive baseline inventories in support of environmental permitting or as required as a condition of a permit.  

Other Services
  • Reclamation planning and monitoring

  • Riparian Areas Regulation

  • Species at Risk surveys

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Fish and fish habitat assessments

  • Pre-project constraints analysis

  • Research design

  • Vegetation inventory

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